Photoshoot Class

February 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We have finally made it to the last class! The last class was a full photoshoot. We talked about planning a session and what to look for in a location. Then we had 2 wonderful models for our class that helped the photographers frame up their shots and get some good practice in. The photographers in the class worked on posing their model so that it was pleasing for their attire and body type. I had the photogs pull in some of the previous class topics. We worked with natural light and artificial light and even played around with different apertures and shutter speeds. I was there to help anyone who may have had a question about something or maybe wanted to get my take on something. I didn't get much time to shoot much myself due to bouncing around to each photographers setup, but all in all everyone had fun, learned, and enjoyed themselves. I'll be starting up a new round of classes sometime next month, so if you are interested in attending be on the look out for the next round!!


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